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…that sums up the first twenty-four years of my life here on my coconut island in the sky.


It seems impossible that this beautiful structure is going to be 100 years old in 2017! I've only lived here for just twenty-four years and I can't believe the changes I've seen in that short time. This home, my home, is a living, evolving project of Vision, Light and Love, Maintenance, and Growth. I couldn't resist putting together the ole "then and now" picture show as we come up to the centennial. Stay tuned as we present more photos and stories from her entire 100 years of life.

Pretty amazing when you see it like this . . .

. . . it truly doesn't seem like the same place.

Take the Chauffeur's Quarters, for instance . . .


. . . is so completely different now. What a holy mess it was so long ago!

And then the atrium used to be such a small little room until we expanded it along the whole south side of the house.

It's startling to me to see these photos. One forgets how much change has happened!





It's hard to recognize certain sections, things have changed so much.

Oh! The place really was a wreck, but that ugly wall ended up being a marvelous canvas for the beautiful sea scape mural painted by Kim Smerek

And then there is the most recent and last garden upgrade!


Isn't it mind-boggling!

And we just couldn't end the show without a look at the kitchen!


It is my desire that we create an atmosphere of abundance and joy here that lightens your heart. Each of your visits brings something worthwhile into my world, and we intend that you take something worthwhile with you. Each of your visits makes you an active participant in the living history of life at the The Surgeon's House. Don't be a stranger. Please make it a point to come back and see us this year.

With warm regards and a grateful heart, Andrea

Addendum: Recently, we had a delightful visit from members of the Sullivan family. The Sullivans first came to Jerome when it was still a mining camp. They were instrumental in the development and growth of Jerome and were one of the few families that stayed after the mine closed and lived through Jerome's incarnation of a ghost town. As it happened, they also lived in the Surgeon's House for a spell in the late sixties and early seventies. Delightfully, they brought some old photos of their days at the house. That's young Don and his wife on the left and older Don, wife, and daughter Jen on the right. By the way they are standing in pretty much the same spot in both pictures.


Below we see Don's dad Leo, who served as Jerome's mayor for a spell.


And here we see the house in May of '67', snow still on the ground.



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