Surgeon's House Bed & Breakfast

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So you always thought you wanted to run a Bed & Breakfast?

Well, here is an opportunity to learn what it takes to do so by training with a someone who has been there and done that. I have been running the Surgeon's House B&B for the last fifteen years. I started knowing nothing and stumbled my way through the ups and downs of starting a new business. I learned from my mistakes. Now you can benefit from my experience and avoid many of the pitfalls that I did not. Running a B&B can be an incredibly rewarding experience especially once you get your feet on the ground. After taking the course, you will have a no-nonsense realistic overview how to run a bed and breakfast. This course will allow you to decide if your personality and work ethic are suited for this business. I will introduce you to the world of the Bed and Breakfast with as much clarity, humor, and heart I can bring to the experience. Do yourself a favor and learn what the life is all about before you jump in blind.


Module 1 - Bed, breakfast and a little piece of me; in this case, YOU.
Module 2 - Your clients’ perspective is your reality - PERIOD.
Module 3 - We don’t need no stinking rules.
Module 4 - Where in the heck is that darned HopSing anyway?
Module 5 - IF I had an ad budget and IF it had a million . . .
Module 6 - Its show time.
Module 7- Too many guests and not enough bananas.
Module 8 - Tourist: a “genius” species - The gospel according to me.
Module 9 - But we love you sooo much. . .
Module 10 - At the end of the day.


$2500 – ˝ paid at time of reservation, remainder at end of course.

For more information please call Andrea Prince at (928) 639-1452 or e-mail her.