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"Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace." - from May Sarton's "Journals". Thanks to guests Sarah and John Calvin of Scottsdale for sharing the gentle reminder of the graceful blessing of our elemental nature.

Autumn 18!

Here we are in yet another autumn . . . around and around we go. There are cycles here at the Surgeon's House that announce the season. For example, the water in the ponds starts to cool down rapidly and the fish start slowing down and getting ready for their winter sleep; the dahlias start to bloom; the apples ripen on the trees; the leaves turn red and golden; the nights cool down; the air is sharper and clearer; and the stars seem to draw closer . . . It's a wonderful time in Jerome. Magical and slightly mysterious.

December 21 2018 - Apparently EVERYBODY is into grape jelly! One of our local cats (who hunts around here for chipmunks) couldn't resist the treat in the feeder.

December 8 2018 - We threw some leftover chez and homemade summer sausage at the feeder and look out! These are the first Havelina we have seen in a while. And our buddy Grayfox was not going to be deterred from getting his share of that sausage!


December 6 2018 - Winter is just around the corner . . . The leaves have fallen from the trees. The fruit has fallen to the ground. The koi are starting to doze and fall to the bottom of the ponds. Everyone is preparing for their long winter's nap, but still, there are splashes of color and life . . .



November 21 2018 - We decided to put out some apples for our four footed friends. Our old deer lady with the bad knee looks much heavier and her coat looks pretty good - at least much improved. Now our little buck with the nubbins has a sister with him and they are eating only the RAW apples very sweet. Then the raccoons show up and find the ones that had been roasted inside the turkey and the three of them have a feast. In the image below it looks like each coon has an apple in his or her mouth.


November 19 2018 - Our outside camera continues to deliver delightful images of the local wildlife. It seems as though they all know how to take turns chowing down on the food we leave for them. At 7:30 am it was the chipmunks' turn, and they came in a "scurry" (a group of chipmunks acccording to google). The doves came in during the late morning. And our elusive friend the Arizona gray fox showed up at 12:22 am.


November 14 2018




November 6 2018






Rhonda, a friend of ours, took this shot with her smart phone and a fancy app.

November 4, 2018     It appears that the mama racoon has had a litter. We see her and four young ones come in to feed. The youngsters seemed to have managed to learn how to climb the tree to get to the grape jelly. They're a lively bunch.





October 29 2018



October 22 2018




October 20 2018 This morning mother and son came in for breakfast. We haven't seen them for a couple of weeks. The young buck looks fit and healthy, but mom still looks thin. Eat up, mom!



October 19 2018



October 14 2018 - We have previously posted photos of racoons dining at our bird feeding stand above the house. But last night something very new was introduced into the mix. As you can see below, initially we encounter the night herd coming for a late night supper, but once the main herd is gone we see something very different. A mother and young pup stay behind. This is the first young one we've seen, and it's quite a treat. You can watch as the youngster at first just sits and watches his mom eat the seeds and jellies that have fallen to the ground. Then he tries some for himself. Curiosity brings him over to see what his mother is eating, and the next thing you know she has sprung up into the tree to get more food and he can only watch from below. It probably won't be too long before he realizes that he can climb that tree for himself.












Fall is, of course, harvest season, and we have had quite a crop from our grape vines. We decided to share some grapes with our local fauna. We hung bunches of them in a tree within view of our night vision camera. It wasn't long before a whole group of raccoons showed up and carried on like it was a roman bacchanalia. After they satiated themselves our friend the gray fox showed up to feed on the leftovers. After watching the coons he imitated their standing on their hind legs and their climbing of the tree to get the goodies.




During the day we are seeing more deer lately. Some guests saw a group of four or five just above the house. Our camera caught this young buck in the same area that the raccoons frequent during the night. As you can see, something caught his attention and spooked him. He didn't go very far and is still hanging out around the grounds with his family.

































Even in Winter the magic continues. We are fortunate that sometimes the gardens bloom in snow. Click here for the perfect winter day.

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