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"Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace." - from May Sarton's "Journals". Thanks to guests Sarah and John Calvin of Scottsdale for sharing the gentle reminder of the graceful blessing of our elemental nature.

Autumn 19!

Here we are in yet another autumn . . . around and around we go. There are cycles here at the Surgeon's House that announce the season. For example, the water in the ponds starts to cool down rapidly and the fish start slowing down and getting ready for their winter sleep; the dahlias start to bloom; the apples ripen on the trees; the leaves turn red and golden; the nights cool down; the air is sharper and clearer; and the stars seem to draw closer . . . It's a wonderful time in Jerome. Magical and slightly mysterious.

December 19 2019 - Mr. Fox made an appearence two days before the winter solstice. Love that bushy tail.

November 30 2019 - It's nice to see our coyote friend come during the day so we can get a good look at him.



November 30 2019 - Later that night a hoard of javelina showed up. It looks like there might have been some disagreement among the boys. Scary.


November 20 2019 - We moved one of our cameras down to ground level underneath the jelly feeder and it is producing some delightful pix of our wild next door neighbors.



November 16 2019 - Mid November miniatures . . .





November 7 2019 - The sweet jelly in the feeder tray is so alluring that the kid coons finally figure out how to climb the tree and get their treats.



November 6 2019 - The Excavator! Always alert. Always sniffing.

October 27 2019 - It's coon family night at the olde eatery.


October 25 2019 - Seems that people can't get enough of The Excavator, so here he is!


October 25 2019 - The colors of fall are in full display.







October 23 2019 - The Excavator seems to have found a home in the old bar-b-que.

October 21 2019 - It looks like we have a young deer visiting us and nibbling on bird feed and jelly from the feeder tray. We don't know if it's a male or female, but it's it is a beautiful wild animal. In the shadows in the background you can see mama deer munching on the tender shoots.



October 18 2019 - For a while now we've had some critter digging holes in a rock wall along the sidewalk. We couldn't quite figure out what kind of critter it was. Then he or she started eating the potato vines that we had planted in an old bar-b-que. Joshua set up the motion sensor camera and low and behold - It's a squirrel. We're calling him or her the Excavator!


October 17 2019 - A surprise volunteer lilly sprouted out of nowhere, so we decided to document it's journey.

October 16 2019 - Beautiful, delicate, luminous fall roses . . .



October 13 2019 - The saga continues with our racoons and mr. skunk. Here it seems that the skunk was already in residence when the coons strolled in. After a brief head to head discussion there seems to be some kind of tussle in which the racoons prevail. They then continue up the tree to eat - all the time keeping an eye on the little stinker. Are they immune to the smell that Pepe must have blasted them with?



October 7 2019 - There's been some discussion about this continuing interaction between Pepe LePew and Rocky Racoon. Some say they're becoming pals. Some say it's a territorial battle. What do you think?



October 3-4 2019 - Yesterday afternoon a single javelina showed up, scouting for the party that happened in the wee hours.

October 2 2019 - We had a couple of visitors last night and this morning that we haven't seen in a while. During the night a bobcat strolled through the feeding area and in the morning it was a hefty javelina.



October 1 2019 - The days are warm. The nights are cool. The gardens are thriving.






September 22 2019 - A racoon and a skunk did the late night mambo trying to determine who had the upper hand. Our money is on the skunk.




September 23 2019 - The first day of fall brought rain from a spent hurricane coming up from Mexico. The overhead clouds create great lighting conditions to capture the fall blooms.















We will be adding more photos as this fall reveals itself so stay tuned . . . !

Even in Winter the magic continues. We are fortunate that sometimes the gardens bloom in snow. Click here for the perfect winter day.

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