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Our gardens have evolved over the years to the point that words can not even begin to describe their beauty. Fortunately, we have documented their blossoming all year round. Click on your favorite season to see a glorious display of Spring , Summer, Fall, and even Winter Flowers! Every other year or so we experience a beautiful snowfall that creates a Winter Wonderland It too is not to be missed.

A stroll through the garden is a serendipity of lush enticements that evoke splendorous images. The flowering pomegranate tree explodes with a profusion of flamingo colored blossoms. The weeping cherry tree, in spring, resembles a pink cotton candy parasol. A sea of flowing wisteria cascades down the front entrance and welcomes you with a delightful perfume. The garden is adorned with peach trees, hollyhocks, hydrangea, lavender, daffodils, and iris, just to name a few. The saucer magnolia tree offers a lush, shady canopy of intoxicating fragrance and grace.

Participate in the gardens, the grasses , and the ponds. Become a part of this gloriosity while you visit and take a private memory away with you.

Surgeon's House in Jerome, Arizona

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P.O. Box 998,
Jerome, AZ, 86331
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