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Late Breaking News!

Summer is here! The gardens are coming alive. They are gorgeous! Would you like to see a cornucopia of beautiful summer flowers. Click right here and don't forget to smell the night blooming jasmine!    It's a great time for hikes around town to enjoy the historic structures and scenic views. The nights are filled with stars and just right for romantic walks around the old ghost town. The air is so clear you can see over the curve of the earth when you look out toward the red rocks of Sedona. It's stunning! Such a good time to be in Jerome.

Even More Exciting News!

My grand-niece, Andrea Noelle Emery, has joined the staff. She has taken on the job of assembling our popular book marks for our guests. She lives in Sioux City, Iowa, so I guess you could say that we are outsourcing some work. That's her below with a sample of one of the book marks.


It's a short drive up north to an area that is really developing as a destination what with all the new wineries, resorts, and such. But you just can't beat Jerome for the beautiful star-filled nights, fantastic views, and historic ambience! We are attracting folks from all over the world. The word's getting out, and Phoenix Magazine came up to do a piece on us. Check it out here!  

In fact, it turns out that the projects worthy of documentation just go on and on, so we've given them their own page - Right here! This summer we added a beautiful steel balcony to the north side of the house that will provide the Maid's Front Suite with its very own balcony overlooking the lawns and lower koi pond! We also upgraded the bathroom in the Maid's Front Suite so now every room has a shower and a BATH! The latest project is the expansion of our northern upper gardens. We are landscaping a deserted junk filled dirt lot into a green, flower filled paradise. You can see all of these projects at the link above. Happy viewing!

The gardens and house have become a favorite for fashion photographers. Here are a couple of other shoots: Twenties Retro, Bikini shoot for London Times Style Section If you are interested in doing a shoot at the Surgeon's House please get well ahead of the curve. Together, we must plan for your work so that it does not impact upon our other guests. Also, of course, rates must be discussed that will depend on the size and length of the shoot. It would be wise to contact us at least a month in advance.

It's also smart to book well in advance if you are thinking of getting married in our colorful and romantic view gardens. You can see a variety of wedding packages that we offer here.

Over the years, I have received many requests for my cookbooks, so I decided to combine all the recipes into one master tome called "The Magnificent Morsel". The Magnificent Morsel is available now on cd and download! It will not be published as hard copy. If you are interested just click here. I have also included many new tasty recipes for this edition.

And speaking of books - We are offering two children's books for your reading delight. The first is called "Other Brother and the Skimmer Basket". The second is entitled, "Me And Jemima Pearl, The Butterfly Girl". You can take a look at the new edition right here. If you like what you see and would like to order one or both of the books, please go to the order page.

Have you got three days vacation coming? Do you need a break from the heat stress and smog? Come up to the mile high clarity of Mingus Mountain and spend it at the Surgeon's House and put your life on pause. Sometimes we all have to take a break. Let us help you unwind, unworry, and de-stress. Give yourself and your loved one(s) the gift of a getaway . . . no cooking, no cleaning, no obligations - just fun and relaxation.

We are open seven days a week for your convenience. Reserve a room or take a chance as a walk-in!


Click here for Mark's website

The above paintings are by local "plein air" artist, Mark Hemleben. The paintings were done a year apart, and, I believe, reflect both the evolution of Mark as an artist and myself and the Surgeon's House as hostess and domicile. It seems that the house and the grounds inspire folks of an artistic bent. Often, my guests will draw, paint, or photograph scenes here that move them to creation. So, I have decided to share their efforts with you. Just click on Guest Artists to see some of their creativity.

Many guests have expressed their love of the paintings of the house that are hung in the livingroom. Many would like to own those images. In response to those requests, we now offer an affordable option. These images can now be printed on paper or canvas with the attendent savings. If you are interested, you can email or call us (928)639-1452.

More News:

Once people arrive here, they are always moved in one way or another. Just lately, one of our guests was inspired to write a poem about the fish ponds. His name is Marty Cohen and here's what he wrote:


Koi are colorful oversized mongrel gold fish
Colonies of clown-faced painted mimes
Swimming in man-made pools
Each uniquely wrapped in multicolored scales
Bearing names placed upon them
By the lady who cares.
She talks with those sucking at the waterís surface
Splashing, reminding her it is time to be fed.

They yearn attention.
They try to speak.
She dips her hand into the pool,
Into the churning water,
Feeding each carp by hand.
Like the kiss that lingers,
They suck the food from her fingers.

Once sated, returning to a calming swim,
Each strokes the otherís belly
With their dorsal fins.
Brushing fins in fleeting handshakes
Affirming the fact they were heard.
The lady listened.

Aah, the life of the Koi.

As I said above, summer is an amazing time for a personal or romantic getaway. It's always a delight to stay in Jerome. Your room is both airy and cozy. In the afternoons, the bright sun and warm air provide a stimulating environment for day hikes. The historic architecture takes you back to an earlier and more traditional time - when the pace of living was slower and allowed for the celebration of life. It's a perfect time to explore the old ghost town and imagine what it must have been like when it was a boom town in the wild west. The Mine Museum uptown provides facinating glimpses into the colorful past of Jerome. Of course all the great shops and restaurants are open.

The nights are not to be believed. You can walk around town and gaze at the billions of stars and galaxies that splash across the night sky. Jerome is probably one of the most romatic getaways in the Southwest. Do yourself and your loved one a favor and come see us!


And let's not forget the grand views that stagger the mind at any time of year. The clear skies allow you to see clouds dropping over the curve of the earth sixty to a hundred miles away! The magnificent red rock cliffs of Sedona glow like fire in the late afternoon sun with their shifting shadows changing the view every few minutes.

Thanks to Terry Molloy, my webmaster and flower photographer extraordinaire, for working with me to create the beautiful website you are visiting today.

A special thanks goes out to our friend Sinda Kriley at Desert Flower Interiors for her beautiful and artistic craftmanship throughout the house. Her work on our furniture, cushions, and pillows can be viewed at the above link.

Surgeon's House in Jerome, Arizona

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