Surgeon's House Bed & Breakfast

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Some nice folks from Phoenix Magazine asked if they could come up and shoot the house and grounds for an article on Summer Getaways for the June issue. We were more than happy to oblige them. It was a beautiful spring day.

They were real troopers. To get a shot of the entire house they had to climb up on the roof of a house across the street. That's Art Director Brian Goddard and photographer Diana Elizabeth Jung hard at work.

I'm sure Diana's shot will be more professional than mine, but you get the general idea of what they were going for.

Then we came back to the house and guests George and Barbara were gracious enough (along with our local friend Debora) to act as models. Brian refered to this as a "lifestyle" shot. Barbara was a little shy at first, but soon discovered that it was actually fun. Thanks for being good sports you two.

Of course, Brian wanted to get a shot of the owner, so they had her sit in a picturesque grove of black bamboo to capture a certain je ne sais quoi.


Then they wanted to get a couple of shots on the inside of the house so they had George and Barbara pretend that they were walking into the solarium for the first time. The solarium is so filled with plants and greenery that it seemed that everyone got lost in the foilage from my prospective.


But all's well that ends well, so we bid a fond farewell to Brian and Diana Elizabeth and wait excitedly for the June issue of Phoenix Magazine.