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Valentine's Day, 2017 - It seems that in the last couple of years we have been getting a warm February and an early blooming of certain flowers. Even the Koi are moving around instead of huddling at the bottom of the pond in their version of hibernation. It makes one feel as if spring is just around the corner!



December 30, 2016 - Below our new garden addition, between us and the parking lot below exists what we see as a gigantic flower pot. On this day we fulfilled our vision of having it planted with trees and flowers. You see where the white paint indicates where the plants will go. Below that you see how it all unfolded with the fast and efficient work of the crew.


WINTER WONDERLAND! We experienced a beautiful snowfall on Christmas Eve. Talk about the living in the holiday spirit. It was so charming. Wish you were here!





Once again it's holiday season, and once again we decorated this old lady (the Surgeon's House). Each year we develop a different theme, and this year we've gone back to the earth. The idea is to return to a state of simply being in harmony with the natural world around us. To achieve this feeling we harvested various elements from our own back yard. Here we see Terry decorating our two fireplace mantels.



When our dear friend Anne arrives (as she does every year, bless her heart), she and Brittany go through our collection of materials to pick items that they think will work in the overall scheme of things . . .


. . . and then the decorating begins. Anna and Brittany start working with the candles that will be placed around the various rooms, and Anne once again creates beautiful wreaths for the entry ways of house.



Brittany is fairly new at this seasonal affair, so we decided to really put her to work this year.


Of course, the decorating wouldn't be complete without a small tree in every room (left) and a big tree in the living room (right).


The final piece de resistance happens when Anne recreates the chandelier in the yearly theme, and once again it is just magnificent!


We all are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with our guests, our families, and the Surgeon's House crew, and we extend the heartiest wishes of well being to everyone!

We are very excited to announce the 100th birthday celebration of the Surgeon's House! That's right.

Wow, when I first saw The Surgeon’s House 24 years ago I never would have thought it would be mine. My home chose me against all odds and here I am – here we are – 24 years later and getting ready to celebrate 2017 as the 100th birthday of this grand old gal.

As I have ruminated with my friends on exactly how we should celebrate, we have run the gamut from galas (do I look like a gala kind of gal?), to afternoon teas with bath tub gin, to a barefoot bohemian bash and nothing was really shouting out “that’s the one!” Not only my home, but the previous residents, and you precious visitors who are now part of the history of my home deserve the best and finest of tributes. We are celebrating throughout the year with every visit and visitor. I have always seen history as a continuum rather than a point in time from the past, so collecting and documenting the history is our focus.

Finally, the inspiration came to us, so this is what we are doing . . .

We are going to create a ‘This is Your Life – The Surgeon’s House’ book which will include both:
  • Resident oral histories, images, anecdotes, and any other pertinent documents and stories;
  • And visitor essays on the theme - “What The Surgeon’s House means to me”
  • There will also be monthly (and by special request) catered cocktail hours with live music;
  • A commemorative image by our favorite artist, Kim Smerek, will be a complimentary gift;
  • Seeds and cuttings will be given out so you may take a piece of us with you;
  • We will match all donations our guests make to the Jerome Humane Society during 2017 – ask for details to double your help!
  • “Birthday Bundles” worth $100 towards a 3-day 2017 stay will be given for “Simply Being 2016 Holiday Guests”.
Many of you know my home better than I do. Come help us recreate and document the history of this enchanting old house. Come share in creating new memories at the same time. Every visitor here becomes a part of the history of my home.

From me to you, please come celebrate with us. Book early so we may plan around you. This 100th birthday is only happening once – let’s make it befitting our grand old gal, The Surgeon’s House. Let me hear from you soon. RSVP RIGHT THIS MINUTE and start planning your stay!

Andrea at The Surgeon’s House
928 639 1452

My great niece and namesake, Andrea, is helping out this year with some of our announcements. She says she's happy to be back working in the family business.


February 17, 2016 - For many years we have wanted to expand our northern gardens across and into an empty lot next to us. Finally, that dream is coming to a glorious fruition. Below is a shot of the location of the lot in relationship to the Surgeon's House. It is on the upper, fenced in level above the parked cars.

Here we can see the condition of the lot before we start working on it.


The first step is to remove the old fencing that separates the two properties. Below we can see Arnie Warren (our chief landscaper on the project) starting to dismantle and remove the fencing section by section with a little help from Andrea.



And now! For the first time in years we can see the properties reunited! Stay tuned for the beautiful landscaping ahead!


March 3 The work begins! Travis (below left) and Arnie finally get to start pouring concrete and building rock walls!


March 15 The work continues! We can now see how the area is being defined to two levels. Very cool!


March 22 Arnie, Jesse, and Josh start work on rebuilding the rock walls in the lower terrace area.




April 13 The crew continues laying the flagstone and starts planting the larger bushes and trees into the new garden areas.






April 28 One day before the arrival of the sod. More plants and trees have been planted. And Arnie and his son rush to finish laying the flagstone and cleaning up so the sod can be laid.



April 30 - The flagstone patio is done! Everyone celebrates! The laying of the sod was pushed back until the 5th of May.


May 2 - Before the Kentucky Blue Grass sod is layed a thick layer of soil is put down. And when the sod arrives it's hauled up piece by piece, bucket by bucket. Once it's all stacked up, it's all laid down.



May 5 - What started in the middle of February is now, for the most part, done! And it is B - E - A UTILFUL!!


What once was this.


Is now this!

April 21, 2016 - We've been waiting for this day for a long while. The decision was made to cultivate honey bees and make our own honey. Of course, we're hoping our bee friends thrive and promote the health of our gardens with their pollination genius. With some trepidation, never having done this before, and with the advice of Andrea's bee-keeping sister back east we are forging ahead. We received two hives, each with their own queen, from a pretty nervous UPS man.


Below, we can see Andrea beginning to install the bees into their new homes. Below right, the larger box contains the hive and the smaller box the queen. The whole process went very smoothly considering our inexperience. And then it was time to say hooray! Stay tuned as we hope to establish two healthy bee colonies.



August 12, 2015 - After a brief delay, the balcony project finally comes to fruition. The folks from Valley Fabrication in Cottonwood (928 220-0209) joined the project. The owner Roger Espinoza and his crew Mike, Slim, and Darwin delivered in spades! The balcony was fabricated in pieces at the shop, hauled up here, and man-handled up our stairs. And then, quicker than you would believe they started putting it together. What a great team!




And then! After a brief lunch, it was back to work!



Before you know it - it's done. Below you see the guys testing it out. From left to right that's Mike, Roger, Slim, and Darwin. Andrea calls them her personal "Fantastic Four"!

And, the evening that it was done our friends Pat (aka The King) and Linda O'hara had the exquisite pleasure of staying in the suite. We asked Linda what she thought, and she said that with the balcony doors open, a slight breeze blowing through the room, and the calming sound of the water from the koi ponds waterfalls, she had never slept better.

September 19, 2015 -So, it didn't take long for old grandma wisteria to start wrapping itself around the new steel balcony. She will probably cover the whole thing next summer!


August 25, 2015 - After finishing the balcony Mike and Slim came back to install a metal sun shade, replacing the old redwood lattice. Needless to say, we are big fans of the men at Valley Fabrication. Nice work guys!