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We are very excited to announce the 100th birthday celebration of the Surgeon's House! That's right.

Wow, when I first saw The Surgeon’s House 24 years ago I never would have thought it would be mine. My home chose me against all odds and here I am – here we are – 24 years later and getting ready to celebrate 2017 as the 100th birthday of this grand old gal.

As I have ruminated with my friends on exactly how we should celebrate, we have run the gamut from galas (do I look like a gala kind of gal?), to afternoon teas with bath tub gin, to a barefoot bohemian bash and nothing was really shouting out “that’s the one!” Not only my home, but the previous residents, and you precious visitors who are now part of the history of my home deserve the best and finest of tributes. We are celebrating throughout the year with every visit and visitor. I have always seen history as a continuum rather than a point in time from the past, so collecting and documenting the history is our focus.

Finally, the inspiration came to us, so this is what we are doing . . .

We are going to create a ‘This is Your Life – The Surgeon’s House’ book which will include both:
  • Resident oral histories, images, anecdotes, and any other pertinent documents and stories;
  • And visitor essays on the theme - “What The Surgeon’s House means to me”
  • A commemorative image by our favorite artist, Kim Smerek, will be a complimentary gift;
  • We will match all donations our guests make to the Jerome Humane Society during 2017 – ask for details to double your help!
Many of you know my home better than I do. Come help us recreate and document the history of this enchanting old house. Come share in creating new memories at the same time. Every visitor here becomes a part of the history of my home.

From me to you, please come celebrate with us. Book early so we may plan around you. This 100th birthday is only happening once – let’s make it befitting our grand old gal, The Surgeon’s House. Let me hear from you soon. RSVP RIGHT THIS MINUTE and start planning your stay!

Andrea at The Surgeon’s House
928 639 1452

Valentine's Day, 2017 - It seems that in the last couple of years we have been getting a warm February and an early blooming of certain flowers. Even the Koi are moving around instead of huddling at the bottom of the pond in their version of hibernation. It makes one feel as if spring is just around the corner!