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January 8 2020

The new vision is to modify the greenhouse so that the south section becomes a "honey shack" where we carry out the extraction of honey from the racks inside the hives. Below we see the stripped down greenhouse with Andrea and Joshua imagineering how it will all go together. Then Joshua actually has to get to work making it happen.


January 8-13 2020

Step by step the area is cleared for construction, and the new floor is installed.



January 16 2020

Joshua has been working like a whirlwind and contructed the front wall in one piece. Terry came over to help lift it into place and in no time the wall was up and braced and ready to receive the side walls.





January 17 2020

It's beginning to look like something with the door going in.


January 21 2020

Spring is on our minds. Here's Terry rerouting the water supply to parts of the garden.


January 22 2020

Things are continuing to happen at the honey shack. Another window installed - a roof going on.


January 23 2020

Joshua got a killer deal on this normally expensive sliding glass window. So, today Terry came over to help, and in it went. Later, Joshua wrapped the door side of the structure in tin. This is going to be quite the upscale honey shack!




January 25 - 30 2020

Joshua and Terry ran hot and cold water from the bathroom in the Chauffeur's Quarters to the honey shack. It is a fairly unorthodox solution, but it should work for the seasonal work of honey harvesting. Also, during the week Joshua wired the shack to provide heating and lighting.





January 31 2020

Lights, camera, action, and suddenly the honey shack is insulated and sheeted.



February 5 2020

And, almost finally, Joshua installed the sink and a counter top.



February 12 2020

The final touches included the creation of a pathway and landing platform so we will be able to hand the boxes of honey through the sliding window and into the honey shack and the addition of various accoutrements.


December 24 2019

We were advised to harvest honey from the two shallow boxes that we received on November third. This time we decided to perform the extraction in house to avoid the cold and wet and other bees. So, we set up the extractor down in the basement. Below we see the initial work area, the opening of the cells with a hot knife, and the centrifical extraction aided by a drill.



We then moved upstairs into the kitchen to perform a two step filtering process - first through a metal sieve and then through cheesecloth. Finally, the delicious, organic product of our wonderful bee friends is poured into jars. We are slowly perfecting our techniques with each extraction and look forward to the coming spring and summer harvest.