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The Ongoing Project Journal!!

February 17, 2016 - For many years we have wanted to expand our northern gardens across and into an empty lot next to us. Finally, that dream is coming to a glorious fruition. Below is a shot of the location of the lot in relationship to the Surgeon's House. It is on the upper, fenced in level above the parked cars.

Here we can see the condition of the lot before we start working on it.


The first step is to remove the old fencing that separates the two properties. Below we can see Arnie Warren (our chief landscaper on the project) starting to dismantle and remove the fencing section by section with a little help from Andrea.



And now! For the first time in years we can see the properties reunited! Stay tuned for the beautiful landscaping ahead!


March 3 The work begins! Travis (below left) and Arnie finally get to start pouring concrete and building rock walls!


March 15 The work continues! We can now see how the area is being defined to two levels. Very cool!


March 22 Arnie, Jesse, and Josh start work on rebuilding the rock walls in the lower terrace area.




April 13 The crew continues laying the flagstone and starts planting the larger bushes and trees into the new garden areas.






April 28 One day before the arrival of the sod. More plants and trees have been planted. And Arnie and his son rush to finish laying the flagstone and cleaning up so the sod can be laid.



April 30 - The flagstone patio is done! Everyone celebrates! The laying of the sod was pushed back until the 5th of May.


May 2 - Before the Kentucky Blue Grass sod is layed a thick layer of soil is put down. And when the sod arrives it's hauled up piece by piece, bucket by bucket. Once it's all stacked up, it's all layed down.



May 5 - What started in the middle of February is now, for the most part, done! And it is B - E - A UTILFUL!!


What once was this.


Is now this!