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Summer 2018!

Oh, those long, languid, lovely days of summer! Wow!

September 18 - Our night vision camera has been catching wildlife activity up by the bird feeder and bee hives for some weeks now. Racoons have been the most frequent visitors. However, lately a gray fox has been showing up. The current theory is that it is a young fox. We think these photos show that he or she is wanting to play with the racoons. What do you think?




September 8 - Everything is so lush and delicious. Unbelievable . . .







August 30 - Foxes and coons at night - deer in the day

August 23



August 20





August 13






July 30







July 18 - Roscoe Stanley lounges on a lazy summer day like the true professional lounger he is.

July 14




July 12 - Gardens in the rain . . .




July 2









June 30 - Sunrise

June 26




June 20


































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